Sensitive Cell Lines

afatinib (BRD:BRD-K66175015-001-12-4) Drug sensitivity AUC (PRISM Repurposing Secondary Screen) 19Q4

376 cell lines shown


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Enriched Lineages

afatinib (BRD:BRD-K66175015-001-12-4) Drug sensitivity AUC (PRISM Repurposing Secondary Screen) 19Q4


1. Upper Aerodigestive (3.4e-05) n=22
2. Upper Aerodigestive Squamous (3.4e-05) n=22
3. Esophagus (3.6e-04) n=20

Enriched lineages have p-values < 0.0005 (shown in parentheses). n= indicates the number of cell lines plotted in that lineage.

Top Correlated Expression

GenePearson correlation
Plot IRF6 -0.52
Plot GRB7 -0.50
Plot ARHGAP8 -0.48
Plot LAD1 -0.48
Plot KDF1 -0.48

All viability profiles for a given compound were correlated against all expression features. The highest correlated viability profile for each gene reported in the table above. Clicking 'plot' will visualize that comparison and show which dataset was used for the viability profile.

Datasets with data for afatinib

DatasetCell LinesDose RangeAssay
CTRP 815 0.002μM - 66μM CellTitreGlo
GDSC1 966 0.00195μM - 10μM Resazurin or Syto60
GDSC2 791 0.002μM - 10μM CellTitreGlo
Repurposing Secondary 480 0.00061μM - 10μM PRISM

Metadata from the Repurposing Hub

MOA: EGFR inhibitor
Disease Area: oncology
Indication: non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC)
Phase: Launched
Target: EGFR, ERBB2, ERBB4