May 7, 2019
  • We’ve restructured data file names, consolidated cell line metadata, and written more comprehensive READMEs in an attempt to be more clear and intuitive in how we present data files.

  • The terminology ‘DepMap_ID’ is replacing ‘Broad_ID’. IDs will remain the same, but column names have changed.

  • Look and interface of the downloads page and the cell line page have been updated.

Feb 20, 2019
  • Updated sources for certain cell lines. See the corrected dataset here.

Feb 6, 2019

Look up dependencies

The goal of the Cancer Dependency Map is to create a comprehensive preclinical reference map connecting tumor features with tumor dependencies to accelerate the development of precision treatments. Our strategy is to systematically characterize cellular models of cancers and to test those models for sensitivity to genetic and small-molecule perturbations. By integrating data beyond those collected at the Broad, DepMap hopes to develop a complete understanding of the vulnerabilities of cancer, identify targets for therapeutic development, and design strategies to optimize patient responses to those therapies.

To date DepMap has profiled more than 500 cell lines. Over the next several years we will greatly expand the diversity of cell lines profiled for genetic vulnerabilities with quarterly data release. Additionally, limited drug sensitivity data are available.

We wouldn’t be able to build DepMap without the help of the many collaborators and partners who have already shared their cell lines. If you are interested in identifying cancer vulnerabilities in your favorite cell lines, please consider sharing your valuable cell line models and allowing us to generate data which will be available to the entire community.