Sensitive Cell Lines

AZ-628 (GDSC:29) Drug sensitivity AUC (Sanger)


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Enriched Lineages

AZ-628 (GDSC:29) Drug sensitivity AUC (Sanger)


1. Melanoma (5.1e-07)
2. Skin (7.1e-06)
3. Leukemia (1.2e-05)
4. AML (2.2e-05)

Enriched lineages have p-values < 0.0005 shown in parentheses.

Metadata from the repurposing hub

MOA: RAF inhibitor
Phase: Preclinical
Target: BRAF, RAF1

This is an initial attempt to display sensitivity of cell lines to compounds in the way we view genetic perturbations. We recognize that reducing the data to a single AUC/IC50 is likely too simplistic and suboptimal, and we are actively working on improving ways to convey the full depth of the drug sensitivity data. Please check back or sign up to the newsletter for updates.

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