Sensitive Cell Lines

AZ-628 (GDSC:29) Drug sensitivity AUC (Sanger)


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Enriched Lineages

AZ-628 (GDSC:29) Drug sensitivity AUC (Sanger)


1. Melanoma (5.4e-07)
2. Skin (7.4e-06)
3. Leukemia (1.3e-05)
4. AML (2.3e-05)
5. CML (4.6e-04)

Enriched lineages have p-values < 0.0005 shown in parentheses.

Metadata from the repurposing hub

MOA: RAF inhibitor
Phase: Preclinical
Target: BRAF, RAF1

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Please note that AUC values depend on the dose range of the screen and are not comparable across different assays. Additionally, CTRP AUCs are not normalized by the dose range and thus have values greater than 1.