What is DepMap?

User created DepMap tutorial (11 mins)



How to download co-dependencies?
What's the data structure of the PRISM Drug sensitivty AUC data?
Is there a possibility to download the “Top Co-dependencies” Pearson correlation coefficients of the CRISPR screen which can be searched for each gene on the depmap portal web page?
How do I download and calculate gene statistics?

We want to compare our WGS data with DepMap, therefore we would like to access the raw read counts to analyze the counts with our own pipeline.


Cancer versus non-cancer dependencies
How would you calculate combined scores for CRISPR & RNAi dependencies?


What is the relationship between the DepMap Project and the Bioconductor R package ‘depmap’?
What is relative copy number/copy number ratio?
I’m interested in the log fold change data for Achilles. How do I map it to cell lines?