collagen type XXVI alpha 1 chain

Dependent Cell Lines

RNAi: 11/597

Dependency Score

Dependent Cell Line: A cell line is considered dependent if it has a probability of dependency greater than 0.5.
Dependency Score: Outcome from DEMETER2 or CERES. A lower score means that a gene is more likely to be dependent in a given cell line. A score of 0 is equivalent to a gene that is not essential whereas a score of -1 corresponds to the median of all common essential genes.

Enriched Lineages


Dependency Score (DEMETER2)

1. Skin (4.9e-06)
2. Melanoma (6.7e-05)

Enriched lineages have p-values < 0.0005 shown in parentheses.

Expression & CN

TPM (log2)

Copy Number log2(relative to ploidy + 1)

Top Co-dependencies

Combined RNAi (Broad, Novartis, Marcotte)

GenePearson correlation

Target Tractability



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Fusion 19Q3

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Methylation (1kb upstream TSS) (7 101005100-101006100)

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  • Official symbol: COL26A1
  • Full name: collagen type XXVI alpha 1 chain
  • Location:
  • Also known as: Emu2, EMID2, EMI6
  • Entrez ID: 136227
  • Ensembl ID: ENSG00000160963

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