*If your cell line model(s) do not fall in these categories, that is fine - we are accepting models of all disease types!

Call for Cell Line Models

DepMap is a resource for the scientific community. The data is being released pre-publication on a quarterly basis, and we are creating tools to make it accessible to scientists with no computational expertise so everyone has the ability to explore the data. We wouldn’t be able to build this Map without the help of the many collaborators and partners who have already shared their cell lines, allowing us to generate data available to the entire community.

If you are interested in identifying cancer vulnerabilities in your favorite cell lines, please consider sharing your valuable cell line models. We will profile them, screen them, and make the data available on the DepMap portal. We are currently able to accept cell lines that meet the following criteria:

  • >2 million cells per vial
  • Mycoplasma free
  • Doubling time of 7 days or less
  • Commercially available media and supplements (we can not grow cell lines that require specialized conditioned media)
  • Grown in 5% CO2 (our facilities have limited ability to grow cells in hypoxia)
  • We will accept all sizes of cells but our Achilles and PRISM facilities have size limitations and the cells need to be small enough to have 10 million cells per T175 flask.

We will work to generate the following data for all cell line models we receive:

  • Genome-wide CRISPR loss of function screens
  • Expression, mutation, and copy number model characterization
  • Small molecule perturbation screens
  • Model metadata

3 Easy steps to become a part of the DepMap community

Please contact depmap@broadinstitute.org with a description of the line(s) you are willing to share, along with any information you have about your cell line(s), such as STR profiling information.

We are enthusiastic to collaborate with you to build The Cancer Dependency Map, an important part of enabling precision medicine. Together, we can make this vision a reality!